To help in developing the Emergency Medical Services for acutely sick and injured patients as per international standards.


To achieve best possible Emergency Medical Services through out Pakistan in minimum time by highlighting its importance and by teaching to healthcare providers and to common people through this forum by using different modalities.


Welcome to “The Emergency Medical Forum of Pakistan”. This was established on 23.09.2020. under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Azhar, who is a foreign qualified Doctor having a vast experience of working in “Pre-hospital Emergency Care” and “Emergency Medicine” of European hospitals.

Although patients are being seen and treated in the Pre-hospital area and in existing Emergency Departments of the hospitals of Pakistan but there is No organized system to follow which is very risky for the treating staff and dangerous for the patient’s health and is difficult to justify in the modern practice of emergency medicine.

In Pakistan we are far behind the developed countries in these fields, where these have emerged as very important specialties of Medicine. These are playing a pivotal role in the management of acutely sick and injured patients from Pre-hospital area to Emergency department of the hospital.

In view of prevailing circumstances, the need of such long awaited platform becomes more important where the modern concept of Emergency Medical Services (Pre-hospital Emergency Care and Emergency Medicine) will be taught, promoted and shared to healthcare staff and even to common people to improve patient care.

Pre-hospital emergency care has started few years ago in Punjab as Rescue 1122 Ambulance services which is now expanding to other provinces of Pakistan. But as yet this is not very developed as compared to ambulance services of developed countries.

Emergency Medicine previously known as “Casualty” and then “Accident and Emergency”(A & E) became a recognized specialty in 1972.

Very recently Emergency Medicine has been recognized as a specialty by College of Physician & Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) and Post Graduation Courses in Emergency Medicine have been started but still there is a lot of hindrance to its development by other specialties.

Emergency Medicine, no wonder represents the Face of any acute hospital. Patients presenting to emergency department with acute sickness and injuries need very organized, immediate care without any delay by trained healthcare staff with most modern equipment in emergency department.

In “Emergency Medical Forum” we have tried to highlight the importance of these specialties to Healthcare Providers and other Organizations with the intention to provide maximum information regarding these specialties at one place. Moreover, provision of different educational courses, online teaching sessions and workshops by the foreign qualified and trained colleagues in these fields will prove an important source of knowledge and skill for the existing and new healthcare providers in these fields. This will help to improve our emergency services as per International standards.

Objectives / Purpose

The objectives of “Emergency Medical Forum” are to

  1. Promote the Importance of Emergency Medical Services (Prehospital Emergency Care & Emergency Medicine) as specialties of Medicine.
  2. Provide Guidance to the healthcare staff regarding Emergency Medical Services..
  3. Arrange Training courses for healthcare providers of all levels.
  4. Arrange Workshops regarding equipment used in Emergency Medical Services.
  5. Arrange online webinars / seminars on Emergency Medical Services.
  6. Arrange online consult for patients by panel of Foreign Trained Senior Consultants.
  7. Promote research culture and facilitate the researchers to explore these specialties.
  8. Introduce First Journal of Pakistan “Journal of Emergency Medicine and Prehospital Emergency Care”(JEMPEC) to publish the latest researches, audits and other related articles for educating healthcare colleagues in Pakistan and Internationaly.


Dr Muhammad AzharPatron in Chief
Dr Muhammad Mansoor HafeezChief Manager
Dr Saima AzharManager
Dr Muhammad Asim RanaHead of Research Wing
AnumAssistant manager
Dr RizwanOrganizer committee
Dr ShahmeerOrganizer committee
Dr HassanOrganizer committee